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Trans Canada Highway/Bowfort Road Interchange

Volker Stevin has been contracted to be part of the Trans Canada Highway/Bowfort Road Interchange.  It is an overall $43 million interchange project of which Volker Stevin is a major player of that valuation.  We have been contracted to complete all the underground utilities along with the respective road works including concrete.  This major City of Calgary Interchange project began in May of 2015 and is scheduled for completion in May of 2017.


The project design includes the creation of a free-flow six-lane roadway for 16 Avenue NW/Tans Canada Highway beneath a new interchange/bridge at Bowfort Road.  The new interchange will have dual left turns in all driections and two through lanes in each direction on Bowfort Road.  The project also includes roadway and utility improvements along Bowfort Road, 83 Street NW and Canada Olympic Drive.


A major milestone that Volker Stevin achieved during one segment of the project was a successful 142m long guided bore storm trunk installation underneath Trans Canada Highway.  A 1200mm steel casing was installed to carry a 675mm concrete storm line, which will carry drainage from the Trans Canada Highway to the storm pond retention area by Bowfort Road.  This process took approximagely 5 weeks and was a major success for the project team.


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