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John Laurie Blvd Pavement Rehabilitation

VSC was contracted by the City of Calgary to complete the following tasks: The removal and replacement of specified concrete curb and gutter, full depth asphalt rehab which included subgrade prep, geotextile fabric installation, sub base and base course gravel and Mix A Asphalt, milling and disposal of the top 100mm of existing asphalt, repaving the milled area with Super Pave 12.5mm Mix Asphalt, and the adjustment of manholes and valves in the work area.

The project took place on both carriageways of John Laurie Boulevard, from the 14th street exit/entry ramps to the intersection at McKnight Boulevard. Concrete curb and gutter work was completed in June 2016 over the course of a couple of weeks. Milling and paving operations took place in August 2016 over the course of two weekends. Two paving crews placed and compacted over 2,300 tonne of Super Pave 12.5mm Mix Asphalt in two lifts working together to ensure minimal disruption to traffic.

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