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17th Avenue Reconstruction

17th Avenue Southwest, Calgary

The City of Calgary is investing in 17th Avenue by rebuilding the 30 year old road and upgrading 100 year old utilities.  It is a strategic business corridor with the City of Calgary encompassing multiple Business Improvement Areas and nearly 500 businesses ranging from autobody shops, restaurants and bars, to boutiques, galleries and professional services.

Construction Activity

Volker Stevin Contracting started in the spring of 2017.  The Reconstruction includes:
-  Rebuilding the road, including a new road design that will be safer
- Improving crosswalks and intersections, including curb extensions on side
- Upgrading water and sanitary utilities for current and future development
- Improving sidewalks:  new sidewalks and repairs, burying utility lines, LED Lighting, sitting areas and new trees
- Upgrading telecommunications, power and gas utilities

Project Details

Start to end:  2017 - 2019
2.5 km of urban roadway reconstruction, revitalization
Deep utility replacements
Pedestrian and Vehicular safety improvements