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Health, Safety & Environment

VSCL is committed to the Safety of its employees, sub-contractors, clients, the public, as well as the environment. Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd. has in place Safety and Environmental Management Guides, core company documents outlining Policies and Procedures for all work VSCL is involved in.  These documents can and will be supplemented upon award of the contract, with the site specific Health and Safety Plan which will address more specific project requirements, hazards and controls.


To ensure compliance with the Health and Safety plan, VSCL and its sub-contractors will complete daily Field Level Hazard Assessments, with mandatory attendance by all personnel performing the work. Any personnel coming into the work area, whether they are working directly/indirectly for the Prime Contractor, or a representative of the client will be required to sign the FLHA for the specific day.  Personnel that have not signed in will not be permitted into the work area.


VSCL holds a Certificate of Recognition, and is an account holder with WCB and is in good standing.


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