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Why Our Team

Volker Stevin is a widely recognized name and brand esteemed for its alignment of employee and client goals to form successful partnerships. The Company takes pride in building the future of Alberta’s landscape while giving men and women the equal opportunity to build their futures.


The industry requires individuals who possess all levels of talent and skill. To attain an end result of superior quality, this work demands individuals who are willing to work collaboratively. If you are a person who enjoys the sense of accomplishment and perseverance that comes from physical work, then construction is a career choice for you. Watch your career with Volker Stevin progress as you apply your industry skills and personal traits to the job at hand.


In addition to acquiring a valuable skillset while helping shape the future of our community, Volker Stevin offers competitive wages and sizeable benefits in the form of Medical and Dental Insurance, RRSP contributions, and more. Opportunities for career discovery and development are endless, and can be as unique as the individual pursuing them.


If you or someone you know is looking for a rewarding career, look no further and apply today!