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Special Projects

The Special Projects Division is a group of Professional Engineers and Project Managers with vast experience in every facet of construction and project management which draws from, and combines, all in-house resources to provide exceptional products and client service.


This division specializes in multi-discipline projects involving close coordination with a multitude of subcontractors, utility owners as well as local municipal and provincial traffic operations to ensure the collaborative efforts result in the highest quality, "showcase" projects. A Special Project typically involves underground utility installation, road building, asphalt paving of roads and parking lots, structural installations, coordination of subcontractors and utility owners as well as cost control, scheduling and overseeing the entire project from start up to completion.


Over the years Volker Stevin has forged very strong working relationships with highly skilled subcontractors in earthworks, concrete, landscaping, asphalt milling, fencing, street lighting, retaining walls, irrigation, electrical, metal fabrication, conduit and electronic control systems installation. We take great pride in the mutual respect of these firms and will continue to utilize their expertise as well as avail ourselves to new opportunities and innovative products and technology.

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Mahogany Lake Community

Volker Stevin Contracting partnered with Hopewell Community to create a 1300 acre community designed around Lakeside living to accommodate ~18,000 Calgarians.  The construction of the 62 acre man-made lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in Calgary, includes 12,300 square meters of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) Retaining walls, two MSE Wall Island Bridges and two Multi-plate bridge structures.


This project was built in two stages:

  1. 2009 - 2300 m2 was completed and arch structures
  2. 2013-2015, remaining 10,000 m2 was constructed


This project included significant landscape architecture design and has been featured in several marketing and technical brochures by Reinforced Earth Company, the MSE wall supplier.



Quarry Park