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Asphalt & Aggregates

Volker Stevin has extensive experience in designing, producing and placing a wide variety of conventional as well as highly specialized asphalt concrete mixes under very intensive materials testing protocols for both raw gravel and sand materials as well as final asphalt products. We utilize a team of well trained Quality Control Inspectors to ensure quality products that we and our customers can be proud of. In addition, we support our internal testing staff with Materials Consultants to provide engineer approved mix designs.


Volker Stevin owns two Astec asphalt manufacturing plants in the Spyhill and Aldersyde areas capable of producing any asphalt mixes the marketplace requires. Current products include all Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Transportation and City of Calgary mix types as well as SuperPave, stone mastic, bridge mastics, rubberized, acoustic, drainage and concrete reinforced asphalts. These high recycle capacity asphalt plants utilize state-of-the-art pollution systems which meet Provincial Code of Practice requirements and United States EPA standards. They are capable of recycle levels up to 50%, thereby keeping construction materials out of the landfill and burn clean natural gas only.


The Volker Stevin asphalt plants operate from two owned gravel operations (located in north and south Calgary respectively) with a third pit operated in partnership on behalf of Alberta Infrastructure. The STAR Pit operates in Calgary on 85th Street NW. In addition to being mining / washing facilities, the two Volker Stevin pits also function as regional recycle depots collecting and recycling asphalt, concrete and roofing materials for reuse in granular base and asphalt materials.