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Boys & Girls Club:  Bowness (August 2016)


On behalf of Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary, we would like to thank both Volker Stevin Contracting and PCL Construction Management Inc. for the valuable work and time that was put in to helping us address and revitalize the Bowness Community Club backyard.


With your efforts, the children and youth who attend the Bowness Community Club, can enjoy a safe and fun space to be active, play with friends and build positive relationships and experiences.


We are grateful for supporters such ass PCL Construction Management Inc. and advocates like you, who help make our programs a great place to be for children and youth in our City.


March 8, 2017:  During another one of Calgary's snowy day, a person spun out on Crowchild Trail during the commute to work.  A Volker Stevin employee stopped to assist until Emergency Crews arrived on scene.


October 2016:  A motorist on their way back to Cochrane clipped a Moose on the Hwy 1A.  "Shaken up I pulled over, called my husband and waitied for him to come from Cochrane to assist.  Just as my husband reached me, a Volker Stevin truck pulled up behind him with his lights going.  The gentleman approached and after making sure I was ok, helped my husband check out my car.  Once they saw the car was not too bad & I was okay, he shared some jokes to lighten my mood.    He was so kind & helpful. He made a scary situation so much better.  We truly appreciate the job that he does.  We are all too quick to complain".


August 2016:  This weekend I was treated to VSC re-paving John Laurie Blvd.  Yours crews are so efficient.  Two weekends and minimal traffic flow interruptions.  The quality of the paving job is very high also.


July 2016:  Received a call from a motorist, to thank one of our employees for being considerate while driving. 


June 2016:  Heading up to a job site, I exited QE2 northbound onto the wetbound Stoney Trail Ramp.  Upon going around the loop ramp, noticed on another exit ramp from Stoney wetbound to QE2 northbound a Volker Stevin Foreman's truck stopped with all his lights flashing.  The foreman had stopped to provide assistance to a motor biker who went down.  Hat's off to this gent for helping the motorcyclist.